Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kayaker's Paradise on Delavan Lake Inlet

     When you talk to home owners on the Inlet of Delavan Lake, you will hear about some of the elements of the Inlet that they enjoy.  The serene view over the water; a calm lakefront for canoeing and kayaking; the ability to join the main lake activity with a short boat ride.
     There is one family in particular that confided in me that they were looking at homes on the main body of Delavan Lake and decided to tear down their home on the Inlet instead and rebuilt a new home in the same location.
     If the quieter lake life is something you seek, then the home at 212 Inlet Shore Drive, may be the option you are looking for.  Featuring two main floor bedrooms and two full baths, the home has expansive views over the Inlet and a large lakefront patio.

     On the lower level is an additional bedroom, a recreation room and a mud room off of the lake.  Priced at only $249,900, this home is $220,000 less than the lowest priced home on the main body of Delavan Lake.   Take a quick tour through the property with the videos here.  It may be the Kayaker's Paradise you are looking for.                                                     

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