Thursday, January 6, 2011

Delavan Town Committee Votes to Ignore Citizen Input

The Town of Delavan held a joint meeting with the Police & Water Safety Committee and the Fire & Rescue Committee this evening. The purpose of the meeting was to resurrect the idea of re-addressing the entire town.

This issue was first brought up in the August 2010 Town Board meeting when Chair Dorothy Burwell said, “The Highway Foreman has stated there are not enough numbers for neighboring community to number the houses and the numbering system is in disarray,” according to minutes from the August meeting. This statement later proved false, as there were ten times the numbers needed for the community.

Due to opposition to the addressing plan, a special meeting of town residents was requested prior to the September 2010 Committee of the Whole meeting. As a result of overwhelming opposition to the idea, a second special town meeting was requested. This meeting was to be held in October at the town park, to accommodate the large number of attendees.

The turn out for the October 2010 meeting was even greater, with over 90% of those in attendance opposing the change. As a result of the opposition to the ordinance, a motion was made not to adopt the ordinance. This motion passed and the ordinance was to go back to the Committee of the Whole for a more acceptable solution.

Tonight, rather than come up with a more suitable plan, and take into account the voice of the tax payers, the joint committee, lead by Town Chair Dorothy Burwell, voted to recommend to the Town Board to change all the addresses in the town and pass the ordinance. The committee voted to pass the ordinance that had been opposed so vehemently at earlier meetings without modification.

The only person voting against the matter was Supervisor Ryan Simons. Simons stated that we have heard overwhelmingly that the town is against this change. What we heard is that the town is willing to accept uniform signing for addresses, but they are against changing the addresses and handing over the addressing responsibility to the county.

The matter will now most likely be put to a vote at the January 2011 Town Board meeting which will be held 6 pm, January 18, 2011 at the Town Hall.

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