Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cruises offered by Delavan Lake Sailing School

     The Delavan Lake Sailing School is offering a limited number of Adult Sailing Cruises this Saturday, June 18th.  An experienced skipper from the Delavan Lake Yacht Club will take you for a 90 minute ride around Delavan Lake and introduce you to the world of sailing.
     This unique opportunity will take place at 2 pm, Saturday afternoon.  The venture will depart from the Delavan Lake Yacht Club which is located at 1501 Cedar Point Drive on the North Shore of Delavan Lake.  The trip will include wine for each guest and a relaxing sailboat ride showcasing some of the magnificent homes along the shoreline.
     The cost is $75 per person or $125 for a couple.  Reservations are required because there are a very limited number of spaces.  
     If you would like to take advantage of this cruise opportunity, you can contact Ryan Simons at 608-852-3156 or by email at ryansimons@ryansimons.com.