Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elks Host Thanksgiving Dinner at Town Park

     The Walworth-Lakeland Elks Club will be hosing a complimentary Thanksgiving dinner at the Town of Delavan Community Park on Thursday, November 28, 2013.
     The dinner is free to anyone in need, less fortunate, or wanting some Thanksgiving companionship.  No one will be turned away.  The food is all being donated and will be cooked and served by local volunteers with special assistance from The Village Supper Club.
     Food service will begin at 11 am and continue until 4 pm in the afternoon.  In addition to a complimentary meal with all the holiday fixings, there will be a large screen television set up with satellite service, compliments of The Dish Dealer, that will have some of the holiday football games.
     Those unable to find transportation to the event can have a meal delivered compliments of Boy Scout Troop #328, Cub Scout Pack #327 and Venturing Crew 2010.  To schedule a food delivery, individuals can call 262-749-4621.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jackson Park offers cheapest Boat Slip on Delavan

     It is one of the shortest public streets in the town of Delavan and yet has the largest dock on the lake.  With its U-Shaped configuration, Jackson Park places boats on the outside and swimming on the inside of this ideally configured lakefront park pier.
Jackson Park has a safe swim area surrounded by boat slips on outside of the pier.
     Along both sides of the street, which leads from North Shore Drive directly to the water, are cute cottages and lake homes, most which are used only during the summer months.  Except one - 1605 Jackson Park Drive - which has been a year round home for over 37 years.
     So what does that mean?  It means a quality, cared for, home without the worries of seasonal use.  It means a new roof, furnace, and maintained structure.  And on days like today, when the temperature is below freezing, it means a warm sturdy structure to return to when you're finished ice fishing, snowmobiling, or cross country skiing along the lakefront.
1605 Jackson Park Drive - Year round, well maintained and boat slip.
     With its large deck and ample back yard space, this two-bedroom home also provides a great summer retreat that can entertain a comfortable number of friends and relatives.
     And most of all, at only $174,000, it provides the cheapest boat slip on all of Delavan Lake.  In Jackson Park, the boat slips are transferred with the property.  No waiting list, no in and out service, no hassles.  A great choice for someone just starting out and wanting to minimize the risk of their first lake property.

Friday, November 22, 2013

How much for that Delavan Lake Home in the Window?

     Dollars are being stretched on Delavan Lake, even with a reduction in inventory and a solid sales season.  Many owners want to sell before the end of the year and have marked down the goods like it was Black Friday.
     So what can you buy at different price points on Delavan Lake?
Starter Cottage - Only $70,000 for 2-bedroom with lake rights. Tire swing included!

     For $70,000 you can get a two-bedroom cottage with lake rights including a boat launch, pier and beach.
     For $170,000 you can purchase a well maintained home that comes with a boat slip, swim area and park.
Your own lakefront for only $259,000.  Private pier on quite Delavan Inlet.

     For $259,000 you can enjoy your own lakefront on the Delavan Inlet, with picturesque views of protected wetlands, your own pier, boat slip and fishing a few steps away.
Romantic balcony views with your main body lakefront get away.

     For $400,000 you can be on the main body with full lake views, two piers and a romantic master balcony overlooking the water.
The Estate.  Lush gardens, waterfall, guest quarters, gated entry.

     For a mere $1.6 million you can have the whole Christmas tree, a six-bedroom estate with majestic views, private waterfall, landscaped gardens, guest house with lakefront deck, eight-car garage, gourmet kitchen, lakeside office and oversized pier.
Inside the Estate.  Great room with stone fireplace, wood floors, skylights, walk out to the water.
Even Ebenezer Scrooge would be happy here!

     What are you waiting for?  Christmas is just around the corner!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Placing Properties in Delavan's Proper Pricing Zone

     Properly priced properties continue to sell on Delavan Lake. 
2408 North Shore recently sold for $1,005,529

     The most recent example, located at 2408 North Shore Drive, is a magnificent 6,500 square foot six-bedroom with panoramic views of the main body.  Custom built in 2001 for its discriminating owners, the great room featured a river of stone flowing through handcrafted hickory floors.
     Listed originally at an excessive $1,475,000, the 30% rule came crashing the party, and slashed the accepted offer price to just over $1,000,000.  This is typical of what we are seeing in the area.  Homes listed at the peak of 2007 need a 30 percent haircut to get them to current value levels if owners expect to get a sale.  Once there, the demand is still strong, with a very limited inventory of product available in the $700,000 to $1 million range.
2351 South Shore purchased for $1.222,500, now available for $975,000

     One such example, is the four bedroom lake retreat located at 2351 South Shore Drive.  Similar in frontage to the recently sold 2408 North Shore property, this offering trades the woodsy nature of the North Shore home with a Nantucket feel of refreshing colors and family friendliness.
     Purchased for over $1.2 million in 2007, the owners of this South Shore lakefront have taken their lumps and appropriately priced the home for $975,000.  As only one of three properties in this range, it offers the best views, layout and functionality of the group.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Town of Delavan taxes flat - Sanitary District taxes spike upward.

The Town of Delavan Supervisors voted on November 12, 2013 to approve the 2014 budget.  Only minor changes were needed to be made to the posted proposal.  There was in increase in $9000 for Fire Department benefits, a $6000 increase in the contingency fund and a $15,000 reduction in capital spending.  Overall, the budget held taxes steady for the third year in a row. 

The total budget for 2014 is $3,772,746 which is down slightly from $3,776,003 in 2013. 
Spending for the town is broken down in the following areas:
General Government                  $577,104
Public Safety                              $1,725,329
Public Works                              $751,575
Lake Maintenance                      $   18,500
Cultural/Recreation                    $134,120
Conservation/Development        $57,300
Debt Service                               $393,987
Tourism                                       $4,750
Contingency                                $10,081
Capital Improvements                 $100,000

Conversely, the Delavan Lake Sanitary District voted to raise user fees by 6% in 2014 on top of a 10% increase in 2013.  Numbers that far exceed inflation, other municipal spending and income levels around the lake.  The spike in user fees is in addition to a 9.52% increase in the mil rate that the Sanitary District will charge property owners in the area.