Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Town of Delavan makes progress on pledges

     The Town of Delavan has made tremendous progress on pledges made to citizens already this year.  In a tough economic environment, the town has shown what fiscal responsibility and cooperation among board supervisors can achieve.
     The town embarked on two large municipal projects this year.  First is the Inlet dredging project.  This project, the largest Delavan Lake project in 20 years, planned to remove over 45,000 tons of phosphorus laden sediment from the Inlet to improve and ensure continued lake water quality.  The project is on track to be completed November 1, on budget.
     Second is the reconstruction of South Shore Drive.  This project, extending from Baily Road to County O, is putting in new culverts, a mulit-use path and new surface for the entire distance.  The effort will enhance the safety of the road, allow space for walkers, bikers, and joggers, and improve storm water management along the drive.  The reconstruction is on track to be completed November 15.
     In addition to these projects, a pledge by the Town Chair, to work with developers to be more responsible citizens, is also paying off.  A developer that owned two dilapidated buildings along South Shore Drive, buildings formally known as the Peek Inn and Clowns Lounge, was contacted and asked to remove the buildings that had stood vacant for over two decades.  The buildings had become homes for racoons, and other animals, were falling down and shedding debris during storms.  This week, the buildings are being razed.
     Finishing fiscal touches on the Town of Delavan activities include refinancing town debt at a rate of 2.2% and completing a balanced budget for 2012 that does not increase any taxes and keeps employment levels unchanged.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boatslip on Delavan Lake Now Affordable

     It was just three short years ago when the least expensive habitable home with boat slip on Delavan Lake was $225,000.  For nearly a quarter of a million dollars, you could get a three bedroom ranch with a slip that was four blocks away from the lake.
     Now, the market has dropped that entry point by nearly $100,000.
     For only $129,000, a boating enthusiast can now purchase a four-bedroom, one bath, two-story home with a one-car garage, patio and ... a boat slip.

     The home is located along the north shore of Delavan Lake in Jackson Park.  The park, a quiet, social community, has a pier with boat slips, a small park area, and a swimming area for residents.
     In addition to four large bedrooms, the property has a large living room, kitchen and dining room on the first floor.  Many windows allow light throughout the day and vinyl siding limits the annual maintenance cost.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Delavan Lakefronts adjust prices to end of season

     A number of Delavan Lakefront Properties have made adjustments in price now that the summer selling season is winding down.  The year is proving to be one of the best on record in terms of unit sales, although prices have followed the rest of the real estate market lower.
     Examples of recent price reductions include a reduction from $699,999 to $679,000 for a three-bedroom ranch on 100 feet of South Shore frontage.

     A reduction from $850,000 to $799,000 for a four-bedroom two-story on 85 feet of North Shore frontage.

     A reduction from $899,000 to $849,000 for a five-bedroom two-story on 75 feet of South Shore frontage.

     A reduction from $925,000 to $899,000 for a four-bedroom two-story on 121 feet of South Shore frontage.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sales Exceed 2010 with South Shore Closing

     Sales of Delavan Lake Property for 2011 now exceed the sales level for all of 2010.  With the sale of the property located at 2801 South Shore Drive, there have been 14 lakefront closings for 2011 compared with only 13 for all of 2010.

     The property at 2801 South Shore Drive was only on the market for five days when an accepted offer came in.  Situated on 60 feet of level frontage, the home showcased two bedrooms on the first floor, an additional three bedrooms on the second floor and a large master suite with lake side balcony.

     Selling for $780,000, which was $75,000 more than the assessed value, also gave evidence to the strength of the market.  Multiple buyers were interested in the property.
     In addition to the five bedrooms, three baths, family room, living room, and formal dining room, the property also featured a rare waterfront boat house with rooftop patio.